Late Season Waterfowl

With the warm temps we have been having since the late split opened its been marginal duck hunting at best.  Only 2 days of cool weather but the 2 days brought down plenty of bluebills and some redheads.   Puddle ducks are here in good numbers but have not been moving due to the hot temps.  With next weeks lows being in the 30’s we are looking forward to some weather that will be good for killing some ducks.  We have plenty of openings for groups of 2-4 hunters.  We offer 3 scissor rig hunts daily so we can accommodate up to 12 hunters daily as well as sleeping arrangements and meals.  Don’t wait for the weather to get good as you may miss the entire season this year.  All our hunting takes place on the Pamlico Sound and locations change daily as do the flight patters and wind directions.  Spaces are limited and we are booking daily now.

Hot November Pamlico Action!!!!!!!!

Well considering the warm temps deer, bear, and duck hunting has been good.  We have started the mid split here in the Pamlico Sound duck hunting with a BANG.  good numbers of teal, blue and green, gadwalls, and wigeons.  some divers are starting to show as well.  Great hunting all around.  Here are some shots from this past weeks guided adventures.  The best part of being a guide is meeting some really fantastic people!  Thanks to guys like these for helping make Green Creek what it is.  Cold Snap on the way.  Gonna be really good next week, we run daily , and have trips available through Thanksgiving for last minute hunters waiting on it to get right.  Next 6 days look RIGHT!!!!!!!



Our bait season for Eastern BLACK BEARS is soon to come in, with ample opportunity to kill a bear with archery or guns.  Our short one week bait season is a great way to lure them in close where u want them.   We can can accommodate up to 12 hunters per day. We have many pre set stands,  baited, and marinating to have the best chances in harvesting some really nice bears that we have, and are around the 3o0-500 lbs range.  Towers , and ladder stands,  walk to stands, and boat to stands for the more adventurous.   We even have easy access and handicap  available stands.   Come on down east and let us here at GreenCreek Outfitters take you on an adventure you will remember in Pamlico county NC on our private and gated farm.


November has just started!!!  Speckled trout fishing has been on fire here in eastern North Carolina around Wilmington.  In Pamlico County the big bucks have been showing their heads the past two weeks regularly.  The big bears have been on every stand throughout the farm. And the ducks are here and stacking up more and more as we get close to the regular mid season opening day.  We are so excited at Green Creek for such a great start to the season.  We are also pumped and getting final touches on our fleet of scissor rigs, fresh pines cut, and our new FowlFooler decoys rigged and ready for our duck season getting ready to start in 2 weeks.  We still have plenty of slots open for mid, and late season hunting for ducks on the Pamlico Sound by scissor rig.   Deer, bear, and don’t forget about our quail preserve, all located just outside Oriental, NC in Pamlico county.  Weather has been pretty wet, but that hasn’t stopped us from having the best fall ever. Looks like a much needed cool down on tap for next week as the rut will peak with this cold snap.  We do last minute hunts for deer, bear, and ducks.  Archery, and gun hunting for Eastern Black Bears during the short BAIT season available as well in November only!!!





Call us for reservations as we are filling up fast this year.


Pamlico Sound Duck Hunting


Cant wait for the November Duck season on the Pamlico Sound.  Great weather, and times to be had.   Join us as we smash ducks from the sky this winter from our fleet of Scissor rigs.  What is a Scissor rig???  It is a mobile big water float blind that you owe yourself the opportunity to try out.  You never leave the comfort of the boat once we leave the dock and breakfast is included with every duck hunt cooked first hand by one of our guides around late morning.  Come join us as you won’t be disappointed!   We are currently around 50% booked for the mid season so book soon while we still have availabilities.

The BIG DRUM are here

IMG_0343 IMG_0354 IMG_0349 IMG_0346  The big drum fishing around Wrightsville has been really turning on.  With good bites all during the day ,trips are pulling in great fish every time out!  Openings available.  Call for reservations.

Rain and Fish

IMG_0326 IMG_0329 IMG_0330


Fall is pushing summer away.  The water is cooling down. The fishing is getting good again, after our super hot summer.  We caught  a few under sized flounder and a nice heavy 23 incher.  We also caught this nice grey trout that measured 20 inches, along with some black seabass, and some blue fish, fishing live mullet around masonbqoro island.   These fish will go well in our fish tacos tomorrow!


Flounder fishing getting good


Here we are with a nice flatty as we drift fish the inlets dragging live finger mullets on the bottom.